T-Shirt Dresses

An assortment of summer dresses.

MT-Shirt Dresses

As the name implies, a T-shirt dress combines the casual design of a T-shirt with the silhouette of a dress. It essentially reads as an oversized T-shirt, which makes it the ultimate casual summer staple. Many styles are loose in the waist, but if you want more definition, you can cinch it with a belt. You can also find collared T-shirt dresses that lend more of a sporty aesthetic.


Not to be confused with the ultracasual T-shirt dress, a shirtdress is more dressed up and features an elevated, tailored structure. Shirtdresses almost always have a collar—sometimes crisp like on a starchy button-up, sometimes more relaxed—along with a cinched waist and a row of buttons that stretches from collar to hemline.

Wrap Dresses

wrap dress is a semiformal summer dress style that’s perfect for every occasion from happy hour to the office to an intimate dinner. It wraps snugly around the body to enhance your figure and typically has half, quarter or long sleeves, a modest V-neck, and a hemline that hits between mid-thigh and mid-calf. Traditional wrap dresses have a tie that allows you to customize the fit, but you can also find faux wrap dresses that replicate this look without requiring any finagling on your end.


True to its name, a slipdress appears almost identical to a slip undergarment. Think spaghetti straps, smooth fabric and a traditional bias-cut construction that’s fitted to your figure. It’s almost always made with a silky material—like satin or silk—which gives the style an elevated, glamorous feel. Slipdresses are a great pick for formal events, such as weddings or celebratory dinners.

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